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Welcome to the World of Web 2.0!
During my attendance at a recent Pennslyvania Educational Technology Expo and Conference I found new ways to communicate information! This is my new wiki and I have created a list of wikis in the area of educational technology that I like to follow! The creation of this wiki was simple and I highly suggest you put aside some time after Spring Break to learn about how you can utlize a wiki in your classroom!

I have been learning more information from the instructional expert Robert Marzano and finding interesting ways to integrate technology into our virtual school. Blackboard does have the tools to create wikis or blogs in your classroom but understanding their use is the first step in finding how to implement them.

What is a wiki?
Here is an example of a wiki. I had the opportunity to be a part of Vicky Davis's session at PETE & C. She is a wealth of knowledge and an educator worth following.

This simple video will help with the understanding of a wiki!

What is a blog?

Look at the top 100 Blogs in education!~

So my question to can the use of wiki and blogs improve your instructional strategies? How can the use of these two tools assist in differentiated instruction?

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